Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Here's to you, 2009.

Jackie is good at blogging. I know this because she never apologizes for not blogging. Most blogs consist of an entry saying "sorry for not blogging for so long" followed by entry dated 4 months later. So I will be unapologetic for not blogging for over 2 years because it will probably be 2 more years before I blog again.

In any event, Jackie had an entry that I liked in which she recapped 2009 with little tidbits and breakthroughs of the year accompanied with a photo. I would like to do the same but I don't have any pictures of Jon and Kate getting a divorce. But I do have a picture of this . . .

I also had one of these for a while before Utah’s One Free Bite Rule was abolished . . .

And I can’t mention 2009 without recognizing that I moved to Pennsylvania and started law school. More to follow on whether this was a good thing.


Blogger jacq said...

that jon sure was a basterd [sic, i never spelled it wrong]

5:27 AM  

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