Tuesday, September 25, 2007


So this is my life. Life on the blogosphere. It has been a while and i feel like it is time to rehash this. I had a friend who kept a journal religiously and said that it was his therapy. I always thought that was weird. I have never had the guts to keep a journal or even read the few entries that I have entered into various journals I have attempted to keep.

My life is mildly depressing to think about which is probably why I never kept a journal. Always afraid that someone would read it and discover my mundanacity (that word probably isnt real).

Lately I am getting used to my mundanacity which is sad that I am this old and just getting the proverbial memo.

My life lately has been waiting for the lsat and studying and fretting over it. I feel that I have put a lot of undo pressure on myself with this thing. We will see how it goes. Ever since I was a kid I thought I would go to Law School and I feel that if it doesn't happen (read "I don't get a score that I want")then I will be let down as discovering yet another nuance to my mundanacity (this word means THE LEVEL OF MUNDANE that I have reached).

Anyways, talking and thinking about my concerns has liberated me to a certain extent and now I see how this stuff can be theraputic. I read a book by ViktorFrankl whose theme was once you realize the worst case senario then you are then empowered with the knowledge that no matter the circumstance you are given, you can choose your responce. Stay tuned for my next entry when I talk about this in more detail, it should be sometime around Fall 2008.