Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Today is the day that has the night of Halloween. I am at work. I will be here another ____ mins/hrs until management tells us to go home. Tonight is the last night of my company's fourth fiscal quarter and as an AUDITOR I get to stay and proof orders.

Let's face it: When you want someone to proof something, you want and AUDITOR right?

So that is why I am here. The goodnews is I get to leave at 12 am at the latest. So while others my age are cavorting, carousing, gallavanting about town with others their age and with similar interests, I am cavorting, carousing, bear-crawling (yes. bear crawling) with others not my age but with similar disinterests; namely, proofing purchase orders.

In order to commemorate this night I have uploaded a pic that will not tell you the reality of this evening, but will hopefully give you the appearance of what I looked like this even.